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Spinning Mill Machinery Spares for RIETER, ZINSER, etc.,

Textile Machinery Spares We manufacture the complete range of Textile Spinning Machinery Spares for Rieter, SKF, Suessen, Zinser, Weller, Cognetex, Faza, Luwa, Toyoda, Schlafhorst, Trutzschler, Platt Saco Lowel. Our product ranges: Ring Tubes, Plain Spools and Perforated Spools, Clips & Guides Cradles, Cages, Short cradles, Identification Rings, Pneumaphil Pipes, Spindle Brakes, Seperators, Spinning Rings, Lappets & Hooks, Anti Baloon Control Rings, Carton Tubes, Clearer Rollers, Spinning Guides, Bobbin Hangers / Bobbin Holders, Bobbins, Suction Tubes, Cones, Blowing Nozzles / Rubber Nozzles, PVC Reinforced Flexible Duct Hoses, all types of Spring for Top arms

Textile Spinning machinery spares are manufactured according to your specifications. We also source and supply textile spinning machinery spares in India and worldwide


Spacing Clips, Pnemaphil pipe, Condensers


PVC Reinforced Flexible Duct Hoses


Cradles, Cages & Short Cradles

Seperators-Brakes-Anti-Balloon Rings

Seperators, Brakes, Anti Balloon Rings


Rubber Nozzles

Bobbin Hangers-Bobbin Holders

Bobbin Hangers / Bobbin Holders

plain-Perforated-Spools-Ring Tubes

Plain & Perforated Spools, Ring Tubes

Lappets-Hooks-Cradle Springs

Lappets, Hooks, Cradle Springs

For enquiry and ordering, kindly mention the machine part number, manufacturer and model of the machine. In Wintex, we can also design and manufacture Textile Machinery Spares according to your requirements.

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