Textile Machinery Spares for Spinning and Weaving - Wintex Engineering Company

Spinning Mill Machinery Spares for RIETER, ZINSER, etc.,

Textile Machinery Spares for Spinning Mill Machinery for Rieter, Zinser, Suessen, Plat Saco Lowell, Lakshmi Rieter include Ring Tubes, Clips & Thread Guides, Cradles, Apron Cages, Short cradles, Identification Rings, Pneumaphil Pipes, Spindle Brakes, Separators, Flange / Spinning Rings, Lappets & Hooks, Anti Balloon Control Rings, Carton Tubes, Clearer Rollers, Spinning Guides, Bobbin Hangers / Bobbin Holders, Suction Hoses, Blowing Nozzles/ Rubber Nozzles, PVC Reinforced Flexible Duct Hoses for OHTC, Springs of all kinds.

Comber Spares for RIETER E 7/5, E 7/5A, 60, 60 H, 62 Types

Spares for Comber includes Bellows, Holder, Filter Screen, Fleece Guide, Stripper, Cleaning Rollers Flocked Type, Circular Comb brush, (Sliver Guide) Membran,e Top Comb Carrier, Hinge, Saddle, Handle Condensors 4.75, Detaching Rollers, Springs Contact, Brush, Comber Lap Guide, Comber Raw wheel, Bearing calendar shaft, 50 mm dust cover.


Spares for Roving Frame (Toyoda, Rieter, Howa, Marzoli and Rovematic) are Roving Bobbins, Spacing Clips, Short Cradles, Flyers, Flyer Pressers, Flyer Caps, Roving Guide, False Twisters

Autoconer Spares for SCHLAFHORST, MURATA models

Spares for Autoconer (Schlafhorst and Murata) includes Plastic Cones, Plastic prerforated Cones, Cutters, Upper Scisor, Splicer Scissor, Suction Tube Scissors, Feeder Cutter set, Tensor Cutter, Splicer cutter, Upper shear , L 490 Splicer moving scissor, L 490 Splicer fixed Scissor, Premier Mesdan Unibox splicer moving scissor , Premier Mesdan Unibox Splicer fixed scissor, Mesdan 114 Splicer scissor set, Sulzer loom scissor with Tungston Carbide silver brazed, Sulzer loom scissor set plain, Schlafhorst


Spares for Two for one (TFO) Twister are Plastic Bush 30755 (Red), Thread Guide with Clamp, Pig Tail, Bushing 16.4/22.1 X 10(Slotted) Length 1390 MM, 303-4 Feed Bush 5, 303-24 Magnet Coupling For 25MM Shaft complete, 317-16 Coupling, Centering Disc32.5 MM Dia, Belt Guide Roller, Cradle Disc 32.5MM Dia, PTR Disc, Front Centering Disc, Back Centering Disc, Flyer position model TF -09, Ceramic bush holder, Multiple Tension Device, Slotted Bush, Guide for VOLKMAN TFO, Bush for VOLKMAN TFO, Capsule / Cartridge zero groove, Capsule / Cartridge single groove Capsule / Cartridge two groove 50056, Capsule / Cartridge three groove, Small Adaptor, Bearing plug AN.1245.3201, Connector Piece AN.0045-0001, Damper Lever 0045.0101.L, Spring Rubber AN-00038542.n, Suction Nozzle

Open End Spinning

Textile Machinery Spares for Open End (OE) Spinning includes Plastic Spools, Dust Cover 54 mm, Adapter Plain, Dust Cup, Wing Nut, Nozzle, Grip Knob, OE Spool, Safety pin OE, Filter Screen, Chain Link white, LR OE Clutch Wheel, Knife OE, safety pin ID, 6 BALL Bearing, Dust Cup Plain, Adaptor Circle type, Back centering disc

Textile Bobbins and Cones

We manufacture Roving Bobbins and Cones suitable all International textile machinery

For enquiry and ordering, kindly mention the machine part number, manufacturer and model of the machine. In Wintex, we can also design and manufacture Textile Spares according to your requirements.

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